If At First You Don’t Succeed…

2005 overachiever Scott Delea is back for a second run at a city council seat.

Joe Concha

Concha: You performed better than many expected during the last election in 2005 (13% of the vote running as a first-time independent). What did you learn from that experience?

Delea: People should never underestimate the power of hard work, determination, and telling it like it is. During the last election I was told by a very experienced politician that I was a great candidate but I “wouldn’t get more than 600 votes.” I ended up with over 1300.

I also learned you can’t assume people will only vote for “one of their own”. I didn’t think I had a chance with some of the “born and raised” Hobokenites, but found some of my strongest supporters to be the senior citizens living in places like Fox Hill, which is run by the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Concha: What will be the main difference-maker in getting elected this time around?

Delea: People lead busy lives and only about 20% of registered voters (1100 in the 5th Ward) will typically vote in a mid-term municipal election. One key difference maker will be the ability to reach enough people between now and May 8th. The other is making sure they show up to vote.

Concha: What separates you from your opponents on the issues and the current incumbent, Michael Cricco, in particular?

Delea: The residents of the 5th Ward are ready for someone with new, fresh ideas, and a proven track record of getting more done with less. They deserve real leadership. Some who will work hard for them and fight for their interests and doesn’t bend to the special interests. It is time for a new councilperson with energy, enthusiasm, and the ability to build bridges within our diverse community.

We need a councilperson who will speak up on the issues that matter most to our residents such as parking, open space, schools, and more transparency in government. I will create solutions and won’t stop until we get the job done.

Concha: You, along with the Jersey Journal, implied after the last election that some campaign volunteers were paid off to vote for certain candidates. Do you think this will be an issue this time around?

Delea: I hope not. Hudson County ’s rap is bad enough. If it happens I hope the person gets caught and we make an example out of them.

: You visited New Orleans in 2005 to volunteer after Hurricane Katrina hit despite not being an elected official. Tell me about that experience in terms what it taught you how local government should and should not work when facing a crisis.

Delea: My trip to New Orleans was a humbling experience. People lost everything and the government’s reaction was a disgrace. Government agencies were so bloated and bureaucratic they couldn’t get out of their own way to provide critical assistance when it was needed most. One way we can prepare for crisis is to eliminate bureaucracy and waste in our government so we are better prepared to move quickly and efficiently when (and if) disaster hits.

Concha: You endorsed Mayor Roberts in his run-off election against Carol Marsh. How would you characterize the Mayor’s job performance since that time?

Delea: The City hasn’t gone far enough in making City government more transparent, efficient, and diverse. As a Councilman, I intend to make that happen.

Concha: If you were elected, what change would residents of the Fifth Ward eventually see and/or feel?

Delea: That’s a great question. The biggest difference they will see is results. I will be working night and day to fight for their interests. I will be a very visible presence on every street of the 5th Ward and in City Hall. I will be accessible. I will look for new ways to bring our residents and the city together so we find unique and innovative solutions to parking issues, open space needs, safety, and schools. I will help Hoboken take a leading role in becoming more environmentally friendly. We will become a more pedestrian-friendly city. There are so many big things I intend to accomplish if given the opportunity to serve on the council. I am looking forward to the challenge and hard work ahead.

Concha: What do you like about Hoboken most?

Delea: Our diversity, vibrancy, heritage and opportunity to create an even better city in the future.

Concha: And what could be most improved about the town?

Delea: Trust and faith in our city government. Improving our schools is a close second.

Concha: What’s your campaign slogan?

Delea: The same as it was the last time: “Positive Leadership for Hoboken “.