Indiscriminate Deliberations – February

Tom Brady, the former boy-next-door turned jetsetter, is having a tough month.

First, his team blows the largest lead in AFC Championship history against the Colts. Then Bridget Moynahan (Coyote Ugly) dumps him. Then he starts dating Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex, Giselle Bundchen (arguably the #1 supermodel in the world, making Brady 1-for-3).

So once it looked like everything would work out for America’s quarterback, he was told yesterday that Moynahan is three months pregnant with his child/future millionaire.

My Fair Brady

on E! has nothing on this…

And don’t you just keep on waiting for a situation like this to happen to Derek Jeter, who always finds a way to skip through the raindrops without ever getting wet?

Speaking of Leo, The Departed comes out on DVD today to the hype as being a classic that belongs in the same Scorsese class as Goodfellas, Raging Bull and Taxi Driver.

Let’s not get carried away.

While the movie is better than decent (albeit extremely hard to follow) and features a typical Scorsese/Shakespearian ending in terms of almost every protagonist in the film not breathing by the time the final credits roll, it’s not quite, or even close to, the caliber of Goodfellas. Yes, it features Jack Nicholson, but his performance is like Michael Jordan’s was for the Washington Wizards…hints of former brilliance but nothing that blows you away like, say, his turn as Colonel Jessup in A Few Good Men.

Just trying to manage expectations here…

Speaking of expectations, didn’t a Hoboken-based grass-roots community blog state that Mayor Roberts would be sitting pretty at his beach house in Mantoloking enjoying retirement by now?

Good thing I didn’t post that question in their perpetually complaining comments section, or else it would have been deleted.

Winter sports in the tri-state aren’t exactly an antidote for the chilly blues. As of February 20, here’s the rundown of some of the largest payrolls in their respective sports:


Out of the playoffs if it started today


(See: Rangers)


(See: Islanders)


(See: Nets)

Devils: Ah, the one consistent shining star in the metropolitan area. If only anyone cared about hockey anymore, they would be impressed what the Devils have accomplished again this season (#2 in the Eastern Conference).

Nevertheless, for you gents looking for a different date-night experience, hockey is the best sport to watch live. Even if your girl knows nothing about the NHL, she’ll have a great time. Guaranteed. You can only do dinner, or drinks, or renting a movie so many times…

And if traveling to the Meadowlands is not possible, check out Stevens Tech’s basketball team in their conference playoff semifinal this Thursday at 7:00 PM at Canavan Arena. The Ducks are enjoying their greatest season in team history, and the quality of play is about on par with what you can find at Madison Square Garden…while saving $300.00 for a night out in the process.

This just in: Rex Grossman just fumbled again.

For those of you flying Jet Blue this week, you may experience a 10-15 minute, er, day delay.

Is it too late to get Britney Shears (a brilliant nickname used in a Daily News headline on Monday) onto my list of selections for my death pool?

I still need to make up for missing out on Vickie Lynn Hogan.

It’s sad that TrimSpa is a privately held company, huh? Because to watch that stock go down like a lead balloon would have been extremely entertaining…

Speaking of entertaining, you have to love Hillary’s principles and consistency (as sarcasm oozes from my laptop). As Senator of New York in 2002 ( a job she hasn’t been paying too much attention to lately), she voted for taking action against Saddam Hussein, but now says that she won’t apologize for her vote:

“Obviously, I would not vote that way again if we knew then what we know now (See: “I thought this vote would help me become President someday if I appeared to be hawkish. But I didn’t think the war would be this difficult, so now that it hurts me politically to have originally voted for it, I’m changing my position to appease my liberal base”). But I have to say that, if the most important thing to any of you is choosing someone who did not cast that vote (See: Barack Obama) or who has said his vote was a mistake (See: John Edwards), then there are others to choose from.”

But you have to admire how she stuck by her husband after the whole Monica-human-humidor episode. Surely she was standing by her principles then, and wasn’t thinking about her future political aspirations whatsoever when she decided to work things out with Bill. Women should be proud to vote for her.

Whatever your opinion, it can’t be good for the country when you potentially could have 28 years of Bush (four years), Clinton (eight years), Bush (eight years), Clinton (potentially eight years).

Who said the Royal families didn’t have any influence anymore?

Not sure that I ever shared this, but Elysian Café easily, easily has the best brunch in town.

I’m not a doctor or anything, but on Grey’s Anatomy last week, did it seem like Meredith was underwater for about 90 minutes before the guy from Can’t Buy Me Love discovered a sixth sense and found her blue and motionless in Puget Sound? And I’m no Mark Spitz, but that water didn’t exactly look as turbulent as the Australian tsunami that kills Bodhi in Point Break. Did Jaws VII make the trip north? What exactly sucked her under?

Wow…it really is a slow time of year if I’m indiscriminately deliberating about this…



Is it me, or is it taking far too long for one inch of snow to melt around here?

Cheer up: Only 84 days till Memorial Day weekend.