Petraeus Hacked! Disgraced CIA Director’s Inbox Revealed

Tough week to be a four-star-general-turned-CIA-Director-turned-one-of-the-over-23-million-unemployed…

First, the unanticipated resignation…

Then the sex scandal which prompted said resignation that suddenly made the Benghazi story ACTUAL FRONT PAGE NEWS outside of Fox.

Were national secrets compromised? Is this another version of Homeland, but without Claire Danes’ horrific hair?

Then came this: Petraeus’ email account, the contents of which uncovered by Mediaite for the first time. At this time, we can only share a screen shot of the inbox. This includes sites opened in his browser (top of page), sender, subject header and message preview, along an active presence/IM list on the lower left hand side of the screen.

As you’ll see, the former CIA chief appears to be juggling several difficult tasks at once:


As patently awesome it would be for everything above to actually be real, legal counsel recommends unequivocally stating that everything in the screen shot above is a fabrication.

But 94.6 percent of you probably already knew that…

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