Tawny Does Hoboken

“So I’m out by the pool at the Shipyard last night (Wednesday),” my friend Shirley recounted to me Thursday morning on the PATH, “and I see this girl with a beautiful body. I’m mean, stunning. So I turn to my friend JC and say, ‘That girl looks like a porn star’.”

“She is a porn star,” JC says to Shirley. “That’s Tawny Roberts. She’s a big deal in the industry.”

And so the celebrity sightings in Hoboken continue. The well-publicized Mischa Barton bolt from the OC to Manhattan to Hoboken has already been exhausted on the gossip blogs in terms of the usual, tired Jersey jokes that increasingly insecure New Yorkers still feel an obligation to share. Just check out this entry on one flaming, spell-check-challenged blog:

“What do average people do when they don’t have a job and can’t afford to live in Manhattan? You know… up-and-coming businessmen, hair dressers, bus boys, aspiring actors, etc? They move to an outter borough or Hoboken. That’s exactly what former actress Mischa Barton has done.

Some GaySocialites spotted Mischa and her homos moving into a building in Hoboken, New Jersey on Wednesday afternoon. Evidently Mischa has a job in New Jersey, so she has rented out her Tribeca apartment for a place she can actually afford closer to her job.

Mischa evidently got a job at McDonald’s is filming Assassination of a High School President. She joins other D-listers like Eli Manning and Artie Lange who are already slumming it in Hoboken.”

Barton’s and her relative fame from the two-season wonder that was the OC is one thing, it’s another altogether when one of adult entertainment’s former premier protagonists graces us with her hard-to-miss presence. For those not in the know, Tawny didn’t emerge from the type of family one would expect a skin flick actress to come from. Check out the first paragraph of her Wikipedia entry:

“Roberts grew up in a very traditional Mormon family. Her father was a Bishop, one of the key positions within the Church. Roberts has said that her upbringing gave her a strong sense of values and a good work ethic. After high school she went to college in Utah for fashion and design but quit after 2 years and took a job in retail management in Los Angeles, California. It was during this time that she met Dayton, another pornstar and through her learned about the adult business.”


Her work quickly gave her, as described again by Wikipedia, “critical acclaim.” Bravo!

“Her first three films for Vivid won her critical acclaim, all gaining the highest reviewer ratings, including Most Beautiful Girl in the World, Unlovable and Dual Identity.

Roberts is known to have engaged in lesbian encounters offscreen; fellow porn star Gina Lynn once said “Tawny is the only girl in the industry that I play around with outside of work”. As well Mary Carey once said that Roberts had her heart broken by ‘a guy named Rich’.”

Roberts retired from film at around the same time and moved to New York with her boyfriend David and gave birth to her first child in mid-December 2006.

Retired? Nice. I mean, Roberts, whose real name is Adrienne Arnold, IS 27 after all…

I guess porn is like women’s tennis…once you hit the quarter-century mark, your best days, unlike your on-screen partners, are behind you.

So welcome to the Mile Square Tawny/Adrienne.

And remember, you can’t spell Hoboken without the “Ho”.